28 March 2008
This is my first blog

This is my first blog, and I'm ready to get fully engaged with you.  Yes, I do follow the program, and it has made a big difference in my level of energy and concentration.  It's all about being the best you that you can be by using techniques that are practical, sensible and healthy.  If you want more energy in your life, you can have it.  FET will help you tap into more energy, so that you feel capable of working hard and playing hard and resting well.

     The force of energy associated with the spiritual dimension comes from one’s deeper values and beliefs. This energy is boundless and is directly related to issues of character, courage, honesty, and integrity. Facing the truth about one’s stories are critical to achieving spiritual engagement. Stories fundamentally explain how and why things happen or how and why things don’t happen in you life. The stories you tell yourself and others all too often become your reality.

     An important aspect of facing the truth is confronting the long term costs of habits that compromise your energy management, engagement, and mission success. Start any change by connecting your stories to your daily habits. Is your story blocking personal growth, making you a victim of your circumstances, and does it derail you from accomplishing a mission that is most important to you? Is your story connected to a negative habit like poor food choices, poor exercise habits, smoking, gossiping? A negative habit that persists in your life invariably comes with a story that supports its existence. To successfully change a negative habit, change your story. Stories should deepen your engagement and facilitate your mission success. 

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