27 February 2012
I Think I'm Healthy
Have you ever watched a drug commercial on television and thought you presented the symptoms they describe?
Hmmm, yes, I feel tired….yes, I have a hard time getting to sleep at night sometimes…yes, I make frequent trips to the restroom…yes, wait…oh no!
Then you realize you’re being a little dramatic, switch the channel, and make a mental note to schedule an appointment with your doctor if something isn’t right. But should you wait until you’re sick to visit your doctor? What if a health problem isn’t so outwardly apparent?
I consider myself healthy. I’m a runner. I prefer water over any other drink. I floss my teeth every day. I eat low-fat meals and include plenty of vegetables into my diet. I don’t smoke. I sleep well at night.
When I attended a Full Engagement Training last year, there was a stretch of time when we went over our blood screen results. Our facilitators assessed our numbers (low, just right, or high) and made notes in the margins to help us decipher the information. They explained that some people might already know what their results will say, but for others, it could be eye-opening.
As I scanned through my results, I saw a number drawn in a red circle. What? How could that number be so high? Did the laboratory make a mistake? Dare I list off my health habits again?
No, I’m not going to list off my health habits, but you probably noticed how quick I was to deny the bad news. I was ready to jump back into my old ways without opening myself to a healthy lifestyle change. When we’re given cold, hard facts about our health—and the advice to improve, right there in margins—why not accept it? Okay. Yes. I can do this. We all can do this.
If you can’t remember the last time you saw your healthcare provider (or if you don’t have one), I encourage you to visit www.sanjuanregional.com/physicians to find a phone number and schedule an appointment. I thought I was healthy, but now I know.

Monica Ly

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15 February 2012
FET Can Help Improve Your Work Environment
Can you imagine going to work everyday and really looking forward to spending time and working with all of your co-workers? It can be a serious challenge as there are many different types of personalities and dynamics that make up most work environments. Just think how much happier and more productive you would be if you were given the tools and training, the science-based information and knowledge to help you not only get along with your co-workers but actually enjoy being with them!
Full Engagement Training (FET) is a nutrition, exercise, work / life balance, energy and stress management program offered by San Juan Regional Medical Center. It is highly personal and everyone who participates takes away something different. The topics covered by FET strive to help people take better care of themselves so they can be their best for others. FET participants learn from a team of professionals including Registered Dieticians, a Personal Trainer, Registered Nurse and Human Performance Institute trained facilitators.  
Dr. Jim Loehr, founder of the Corporate Athlete program for full engagement, states, “people think happiness comes from money. In reality, income doesn’t noticeably influence satisfaction with marriage, family, friendships or ourselves.”
Happiness is associated with accomplishing what we define as our purpose in life. The FET program is about connecting our best physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy to find that happiness and purpose. How you take care of your health and body is the basis of energy management. Physical energy comes from the food we eat and how fit our body is to meet our energy demands. FET helps participants understand how to manage or improve how we respond to physical demands. But to become an extraordinary spouse, friend, partner, or co-worker, we need to use the force that comes from living our values and purpose. Participants leave FET with the feeling that the change they begin is made based on value-based purposes, whether it is changing food habits, exercise habits, or how to manage your emotions. 
When you think about all you do as an employee and consider the many people you answer to, is there any wonder why tension, stress and conflict among co-workers exists?  Full Engagement Training (FET) is a successful and effective program that can help you connect your best energy with what you value most in your life such as family, relationships, health, your job, and your happiness.
Founder Dr. Jim Loehr says, "Taking care of one's body is taking care of business." You will be able to enjoy your work for many years to come if you take good care of yourself, but it can be a difficult connection to make when faced with deadlines, additional expectations and non-stop pressure.      
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